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Steel steam punk lamp ON Steel steam punk desk lamp assembly instructions.

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steam punk lamp assembly (1)

You may need to buy longer bolts if you can't find the exact lengths outlined above.

Trim hardware to length as desired after assembly. Buy matching nuts and plenty of washers for all bolts listed above.


Verify the scale.       Depending on your software the dxf file may or may not be the proper scale (especially if you are converting to metric). See the image to the left. The largest part is the 'main arm' and should be 18.1925 inches long if you have the drawing scaled correctly (462.09 mm).


 The lever switch uses a common wall switch. The sides are inserted into the switch plate then welded  The 'pin' is a 1/4 inch bolt or you can use a fancy door hinge pin.



The medium size gears (secondary gears) need to 'freewheel'.



How the gears work: The crank and internal 1 inch gear are welded to an axle bolt. The crank turns the lower internal 1 inch gear which then drives the largest gear. 


steam punk lamp gears

The large gear and the two small external gears are welded to common axle bolt. The large gear turns the 2 external small gears which mesh with the medium size gears.  The medium gears are NOT welded to an axle and are allowed to "freewheel" on a bolt welded to the man arm. 


steam punk lamp drive gear spins

Weld 3/8 bolt(s) to the inside of the main arm(s). The drive gear will freewheel on this bolt. Use a washer between the main arm and the drive gear. Trim the bolt to length after assembly.


steam punk lamp socket detailThe lamp socket is a common ceramic socket. Remove the set screw.

Stack the round spacer plates and use a short lamp nipple.



        Small sections of tubing can replace stacks of washer in these areas


  Flat parts inventory

 The above information should be enough to get you started.  Study all the photos above and below carefully before beginning.  Be advised, we used several laser cut wood spacers in place of stacking washers... simply use a stack of washers in place of any wood spacers you see in the photos.





"Edison" style vintage bulb. Available at Home Depot.


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