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Aluminum Velociraptor dinosaur art  


This is not tin or plastic. It is 11 gage aluminum.  

Ships in pieces. You assemble (easy). No welding. Just 'slips' together. Weld it if you want, but it is free standing without any welding.

11 gage aluminum

37 inches long (nose to tail)

22 inches tall (top of tail).

Item pictured is color: Aluminum

Cool facts: Our dinosaur puzzle is based on an Allosaurus named "Big AL". The nearly complete fossilized skeleton of which was found in Wyoming in 1991. This was a therapod that lived abundantly in North America about 150 million years ago and survived in various forms for millions of years. Dinosaurs like Big AL grew to nearly 40 feet long, 16 feet tall, and are thought to have weighed up to 4 tons. This type of dinosaur shed broken and dull teeth which re-grew and were replaced regularly like a shark insuring that it always had a giant mouth full of new high quality dentures. Not only was AL's 3 foot skull full of dagger sized teeth, the mouth was dripping with deadly bacteria laced saliva like a Komodo dragon. If dozens of giant poison knives were not enough to ruin your day, this carnivorous bi-ped could also un-hinge it's jaw like a snake to swallow whole prey and chunks of food larger than it's own head. No animal was safe during the late Jurassic period with Big AL around. The Allosaurus was the top predator of it's era and later eventually evolved into it's not yet living even larger cousin, T-rex.

Shipping within the USA only.

California residents add tax.  All items are made-to-order. Please allow 5 business days for production. Produced by Fred Nelson Fabrication. Azusa, CA.   Made in the USA.

Velociraptor (Raptor) dinosaur art  11 gage Aluminum

$213.95 includes shipping to anywhere within the United States.

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