Nathan's "How to Stretch a Fiero" project. 

Nathan Galloway has written a great online supplement to our online manual that will help those of you using a Fiero as a donor car.   Thanks to Nathan for his tremendous contribution.  Here's a small sample:

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Photos Courtesy Nathan Galloway.

'When looking for a donor, I highly suggest an '88. Preferably the Formula or GT.  The '88's drive train and suspension is so much better than it's predecessors with a better trans and sway bars as well.  It also has four wheel disc brakes, so you see any extra money and time spent looking for one will be well worth it....'


Nathan's complete guide includes PHOTOS  and COMMENTARY in areas such as: choosing a donor, picking a new body, fabricating stretch plates, relocating the radiator, test fitting the body, and much more. For the complete guide to Nathan's project visit the members area


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