David's Countach project.  Photos courtesy David Ledingham. Email: buglake@telus.net.    


Air tank for the front suspension. Exhaust, just about ready for sanding & painting.


Dual coil over springs & air shock on both sides each shock has 300 lbs springs I also installed two new seats APC the frames had to be modified to fit


This part shows all of the glass installed the wipers notice the steel wheels I had to go this route because of the 7ins backspacing & the real wheels would be 750 each so i had the steel built for 100 each. The car is still in primer, This shows the olds 403 engine, trans, & cradle, in place.


Notice the engine hood is one piece & opens with gas cylinders the left side of the dash shows the steering wheel & the quick release all the instrumentation is electrical no cables to worry about the center is my idea it has all the electrical for the fan, the air shocks, lights, horn, back up camera, stereo, &  more.


This shows the doors open with gas shocks later the key will open them. Keep up the good work Fred You were my inspiration to build this car. David.


Pass your mouse over each photo for comment. Click photos to enlarge.

AThis photo shows tin sandwiched between the two halves of the light. The mounting bracket can also be seen here.  (Click to enlarge)   BThis picture shows how the tin is cut to go between the lights.  (Click to enlarge)    CHere we see the 1/4 inch plexiglass which will have the D.O.T (U.S. Department of Transportation) reflective tape installed to it later.  (Click to enlarge)   DThis is the hole in the body where the lights will be mounted.  (Click to enlarge)   EThis view shows the light mounted in place.  (Click to enlarge)   FThe completed rear light assembly.  (Click to enlarge)

  GThere is no flange to mount the window frames to. I had to come up with some kind of idea so I welded wall hanger frames together.  (Click to enlarge)   HThis photo shows the material that I used. A wall shelf bracket, the channeling fits snug.  (Click to enlarge)      INow we see the frames being permanently fiberglassed into the door.  (Click to enlarge)    JThis image shows the frames installed plus the door after grinding, sanding, and priming. (Click to enlarge)

KThe stainless steel vents & lights in the bumper. 1 of 2.  (Click to enlarge)    LThe stainless steel vents & lights in the bumper.  2 of 2. (Click to enlarge)    MStainless steel being installed in the engine cover hood.  (Click to enlarge)   NStainless steel being installed in the engine cover hood.  (Click to enlarge)   OThe stainless steel fiberglassed in place. Hood ready for paint.  (Click to enlarge)

 PBuying the kit 400 miles from home (when I was considering buying the kit).  Click photo to enlarge.   QThe stainless steel side vents. 1 of 2. (Click to enlarge)   RThe stainless steel side vents.  2 of 2. (Click to enlarge)   SThe front park light, the cover is made out of a 2002 Chevy smoked head light cover modified (the front signal light).  (Click to enlarge)   TThe engine & bumper vent grills.  (Click to enlarge)

UPDATE:  When I installed the Toronado power plant & cradle, I ran into trouble with suspension.  I modified it & went to coil over socks plus air shocks. The engine sat too high and the air cleaner & distributor hit the hood cover so I have been busy modifying things to fit.

Uprogress from start.    Vthe back of the car the hood used to be in two parts but I had to modify it because of the air cleaner & the distributor.   W     Xshowing it changed from what it was     Ythe frame with the engine bolted to it, the engine can be dropped out of the car in one piece if necessary

Zthe rear wing necessary changes because of the height of the engine    1side view    2the engine in the car    3Front of the car                

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