By Fred Nelson Fabrication

This item is available in sizes from 37 inches long to a amazing life-sized 40 feet long! 

Material / gage                Length

11 gage steel             37 inches  See it

   11 gage aluminum    37 inches  See it

3/16ths steel                    7 feet   See it

3/16ths aluminum       7 feet        See it

1/4 inch steel             10 ft 2 in    See it

5/16ths steel                     13ft 6in   Contact us

1/2 inch steel                     20 feet    Contact us

1 inch steel plate               40 feet    Contact us

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We also offer the raw dxf files for use with CNC plasma cutters, lasers, routers, or water jet cutting machines.   For the raw dxf file (for CNC cutting) see our dxf CNC cutting files.

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